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gulch (360 VR Video)


Welcome to the Gulch (Spring 2018), is my 3D environment (VR) experience made in Maya.


For this project I was tasked to created a 3D world that encompasses both natural and man made elements. As such, I chose an old western environment that gives off both a foreboding and depressing tone as if something ominous occurred within the area. My environment includes an abandon farm, dead grass, mountains, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

The first process was looking for references and creating concepts for the world. I created sketches of what the environment should look like and how it would be laid out. For the ranch I created the house, the windmill and water tower. As for the T-Rex I created each individual bones for the skeleton.

Once the models were created, I referenced them all into one scene and placed them exactly based on the sketch. 

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