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ice cream man 

Ice Cream Man (Spring 2018) is a 2D animated walk cycle of my cartoon character the Triple Scoop Trio.

For this project, I was assigned to create a simple walk cycle of a humanoid character. I wanted to do something nostalgic and create a character based from 1920's Disney and Fleischer cartoons.


The first step was creating the character. I first made some concepts and sketches of the character and the environment. Once I had a solid idea I then proceed to create the character in Toon Boom Harmony. Upon creating the character I created separate layers for each part of the character in order for me to animate it. After the character was drawn out and colored I repositioned the anchor points on the drawing so that it would move correctly. I then parented the correct limbs and props to the character so it would be linked as a skeleton.

Now that the character was created, I then moved onto the background. I looked for every reference for a "Candyland" world. In Photoshop I first sketched out how the world would look, then I proceeded to paint over the sketch. 

After painting the background I then imported it to Toon Boom. I made sure that I imported each layer separately so that I can create a realistic environment. I had a layer of candy and deserts on the very front, the clouds were separate so I can animate them, and the background was set at the very back. 

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