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kinetic typography

Kinetic Typography: Do the Bartman (Fall 2018).


I was tasked to create a motion graphic video by animating the words to the selected audio. For this project, I decided to use the song Do the Bartman from the Simpsons album The Simpsons Sing the Blues.


The first process for this project was to create a storyboard to portray the motion of this video. My intentions for this video was to make it feel as if Bart was in control of the video. Since Bart is a trouble maker who constantly breaking the rules, I wanted to portray my inner "Bartman."



Once the storyboard was laid out I began working on animating the words. I divided the audio into segments to help structure the project. In After Effects I              created separate compositions for each line of the audio. The process was helpful for                   organizing my project and making it easy to animate. Once the words were moving       I then added gifs and illustrations to give a more "cartoony" feel to the video.

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