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mio tartaruGa

Mio Tartargua (Fall 2017)

A young boy wonders into a forest to enjoy its beauty when suddenly he causes his book to slip into the pond. Meanwhile across the pond, a old turtle strolls in to drink from the pond when he stumbles upon the book. The turtles looks across to see the small boy crying over the loss of his book. Feeling sad about the child, the turtle returns the book, to which the child shows a sign of kindness by sending the turtle a apple.

For this project I wanted to push myself and try to improve upon my previous animated short. As such I decided to create two characters and create a world straight from a storybook. First came the storyboard to determine the structure of the story, the story has been modified and change constantly to make the story flow well.

The next step was creating the characters. The boy and the turtle were sketched out and scanned into the computer. Once they were scanned, I began to create the models in Maya. When I was creating the boy I wanted to make sure that the edge loops on him were perfect so that when he deformed he would have no problems animating. The only issue that occurred with him was trying stick buttons onto the model and keep them attached to him. As for the turtle, I added vegetation onto his shell to show that he's ancient. 


Once the models were finalized I then proceeded to creating the textures. I cut their UV's in Maya and created the textures in Photoshop. Then I continued onto the skeletons. The boy used has auto rig attached to him. As for the turtle, I created the skeleton myself and created a stretch IK handle for the neck to stretch and shrink. 

Finally, it was time to animate. Compared to Valley of Flowers, the process for this animation was longer and more difficult. However, I'm quite proud of this animation. I put everything into this project and I was able to push myself even further by making the animation visually appealing and quite emotional.


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