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My inner demons

My Inner Demons (Fall 2018)


This video is part of motion graphic project that integrates different mediums such live action, 2D and 3D animation. The goal for this project is to create a commercial for a show. 

The process starts with the concept and storyboard. My idea for my commercial would be a bumper, a short video that would transition between a cartoon kids network to an adult program network. As a challenge to myself I wanted to have 2D characters animated and interacting with myself and a 3D environment. I have long wanted animate 2D characters within the world, similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


The commercial starts off with myself as the host of the show, looking like Bob Ross or Mr. Rogers. As it's getting late both myself and cartoon blue bird say goodbye to the audience. Then immediately the tone changes and it becomes real dark and twisted with dancing devils in the end.


I first started by recording myself behind the green screen. In order  to get a high resolution and clear audio for my project I used a 4K camera

as well as a recorder attached to me. In After Effects I linked the recorded audio with the video. After the green screen I went along to create the necessary props and art for the animation. I created the characters and        logo in illustrator and the background in Maya.  


         Music: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Set it Off

         This is a non profit video student project. All gifs belong

         to the respected creators.

Red Devil
Purple Demon
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