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Pasquale Dorsi, is an animator and illustrator based out of New York City and is currently a Lead Artist at Idea Machine Studio.


He has served as lead artist for multiple brands including the likes of Splenda, McGraw Hill, Johnson and Johnson, World Wildlife Fund, PFIZER, Pepsico, Colgate, and Major League Baseball to name a few.


He is interested in finding new and meaningful ways to entertain and charm his audiences. His goal is to tell meaningful stories that challenge viewers' perspectives and ideals. Regardless of the project, he is passionate about the work he does and tries to find ways to transcend the norm. 


Pasquale has a healthy obsession with dinosaurs and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He spends a generous amount of time at museums, art galleries, and the theater. He enjoys hiking attending concerts and going on road trips. When he is not out and about, he takes it easy indoors watching his favorite cartoons and playing video games.

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